Trail Running Race Results Analysis – 2020 Speedgoat 28k

In July, 2020, I ran a brutal trail race at Snowbird here in Utah. I thought it would be fun to do some data exploration/analysis with the race results in R. Trail running is an amazing sport that might surprise you with its age and gender diversity with regard to performance. Here is the PDF report.

Specialization & Work: Thoughts for Your Career

When comparing small towns to big cities, there’s an obvious yet interesting difference between restaurants. This difference can teach us something about our careers.

In small towns, you tend to see variations on catch-all diners. Standard foods, big menus and maybe they do pie pretty well. We likely associate these places with comfort and routine.

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5 Benefits of SEO Beyond Traffic

The core value of ranking well in search engines is obvious: increased and consistant traffic to your site.

Given the intent-based nature of search engines, this traffic is typically high in quality and has at least a decent chance of resulting in conversions (I’m making many assumptions here, including that you are building pages with SEO value that support the site’s business model and/or goals).

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SEO Strategy: When It’s Time To Change Course

Every single business, organization and person with a website can improve their search engine optimization game.

There is no summit (and that’s a good thing).

But what if your SEO efforts are simply not working? It’s a familiar story for many folks.

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